The Survivor: Storyline?

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The Survivor: Storyline?

Post by RustyMittens on Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:52 am

So like, if many of you have noticed, when you start up the game it takes place place by you getting spawned on the side of the road.
Its a great concept and all, but whats the story on how you got there? As in the following questions that makes where you are more interesting.

- How did I get here?
- Where am I?
- Why are some parts toxic with the radiation?
- How did the radiation come into the Forest?
- How did the zombie outbreak happen?

These are great questions that could lead to an amazing story line. Not only that, but the game also seems like it could have more areas connected to it. If you notice, the game is titled The Survivor: Rusty Forest. This leads to two things.

1. "The Survivor." This probably leads to how your a survivor of something terrible. The reason I say terrible is because of the games environment, and how it wants to harm you. The title also leads to how you find no other human being, besides yourself. Unless you play multiplayer.

2. "Rusty Forrest." This could possibly lead to another game. As you notice the map comes to an end, with the road ending at the map barrier that prevents players from going further into what the game does not have to explore. Rusty Forrest could possibly lead to there being either, another map extension, or another game. The reason I say another game is because if it was just revolving around the forest, it would just be called, "The Survivor." But it has the trait, "Rusty Forrest" which means that this is only one area out of may.

Back to where I first started off,
Does this game have a possible story line?
And if it does, what could it be?

What are your opinions? How do you feel about this topic? Could I be correct? Or could I be wrong?

The Survivor is a grate game, but there's more to it than we know...

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