Forum rules Please read

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Forum rules Please read

Post by RustyMittens on Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:21 am

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1. Try to prevent harsh language that can be offensive to others.

2. No advertising things, like groups or other forums. That can be done elsewhere but not here.

3. No spamming, as in flooding the forum with new posts or comments of the same topic.

4. Please prevent making more accounts, just stick to one account for yourself.

5. If your going to cause an argument, let it be reasonable and try to have a stable argument instead of trying to prove your right no matter what the case is, and use appropriate language.

6. This forum was designed to talk about only one game, and that's, "The Survivor: Rusty Forrest."  So please do not bring up other topics about different games, unless you feel that the game you are to talk about truly relates to "The Survivor."

7. Have fun, and enjoy the topics Smile

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